Flie Not Found exception when calling ExecuteQuery in Client Side Object Model.

Today I've got an exception in my Provider-Hosted App. The message was "File not found" and nothing more...
But I do not work with files, document libraries, attachments or any other resources that can be received as a file in that app. That why such a message was very unexpected.
After debugging I understand where was a problem: I was trying to open Web with absolute Url, not relative.
So, if you have the same exception check your Urls.
Have fun!

Close Modal Dialog from App page in Provider-Hosted App

Sometimes there is a necessity to show some App page in Modal Dialog.
For example, show some settings on custom action click.
It is simple to show the dialog, but standard approach of closing it doesn't work because the App and SharePoint site can be hosted on different domains. And we can't just commit popup from cross-domain frame document.
To close the dialog you can use HTML5 postMessage API.


JavaScript Rating control to use outside list views

There are a lot of tasks when you have to display information from list item in web part or on the page without list view.
For example, you have to create a web part to display any kind of media on the page. And this media contains a Rating field.
For such situations I've created a JavaScript control to render Rating Field outside list views. The control is based on RateIt jQuery plugin.
So no more words, let's have some code.