Programmatically Change Modern Page Banner Image

In this post I want to describe how to programmatically change Modern Page Banner Image
The code below is written on JavaScript using JSOM (JavaScript Client Object Model) but it can be easily converted to C# (CSOM) and PowerShell as well.


Handling Multiple Editions of SPFx Solution

In this post I want to explain an approach of how to handle (generate builds, update customers) multiple editions of the same SharePoint Framework solutions.
Use case for the approach:
You are an ISV and developing some product that has multiple editions, let's say, trial, lite, full. You want to have separate package file (sppkg) for each edition and also reference different CDNs based on the edition.
The approach I'll describe is not the only possible but it was successfully used for our own products.


SharePoint Framework Extensions: Application Customizer

In this post I want to show you step-by-step implementation of SharePoint Framework Application Customizer.
UPDATE: on 9/25/2017 SPFx Extensions were GA-ed. The post is updated to contain the latest version of API.
UPDATE: on 8/29/2017 Release Candidate was announced. The post is updated to contain newer version of API.
Use Case for the sample:
Your team is working on some project and you're using SharePoint Tasks list to assign and monitor tasks in the project. You want to notify a member of your team that he or she has overdue tasks. You want this notification to be available on any page on your site and also to provide link to the Tasks list view filtered by current member and by due date.
The result may look like that:

Key features of the sample:
For those who doesn't want to read the post you can get it from here.