Declarative Column Formatting in SharePoint Online

One of the announcements during Microsoft Ignite was ability to apply column formatting (conditional formatting, actions links) using JSON definitions, without JavaScript code and Field Customizers.
Now it's rolling out and I want to combine some thoughts and known information on this type of customization.


SharePoint Framework Extensions: Command Set

In this post I want to show you step-by-step implementation of SharePoint Framework Command Set Customizer.
Key features of the sample:
  • SPFx Command Set Customizer implementation
  • Current user permissions check
  • construction of url to work on specific item's permissions
For those who doesn't want to read the post you can get it from here.


Microsoft Ignite 2017 Recap - Subjective View

In this post I want to recap announcements that were done during Microsoft Ignite 2017.
It is not a full list but more an excerpt of features that are important to myself and our company. I will use logical structure on announcements provided by Microsoft. It's based on processes in the organization, not this or that product or technology.
I will also add some tags to announcements that may help to select the most valuable ones for yourself.