Use OOB Fields Experience in SPFx Field Customizer

I'm happy to announce that SharePoint Framework React Controls package starting v1.2.0 includes Field Controls - a set of React components that can be used in Field Customizer to render field's content similarly to OOB experience.
Main features of the controls:
  • OOB fields experience for different types of fields (Text, Title, Urls, Lookups, etc.)
  • "Factory" helper to select proper Field Control based on field's type
  • Ability to provide custom CSS classes and styles to the Field Control
  • It's open source


Reverting Back Custom Site Column Definition

Sometimes it happens that the site column that was provision from a custom feature has been changed via code or using UI. In that case the column will receive a new version and will be untied for the feature.
And if later on you try to update the field from feature definition it won't work.
So let's look how to fix that situation.


Thank you, SharePoint Saturday San Diego!

Today I had a great time on SharePoint Saturday San Diego.
Great speakers lineup, excellent sponsorship, awesome organization of the event.

Here is a link for the slides from my session "SharePoint Framework Extensions as a Future of SharePoint Framework": future-of-sharepoint-dev-spfx-extensions
Please, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions regarding SPFx development.

Have fun!