Yeoman Generator With Vue Support Update: Extensions Support!

UPDATE: the generator has been included into @pnp/spfx generator. Please use this one for the latest version.

In Using Vue.js in SharePoint Framework Applications. Part III: Yeoman Generator with Vue Support I announced that I've published a Yeoman generator for SharePoint Framework solutions with Vue.js support.
The initial version of the generator supported SPFx web parts only. There was no way to create SPFx extensions using the generator.
Today I happy to announce that Extensions support has been added to the generator!
Now you can select any of the available types of SPFx projects.
NPM package: generator-vuespfx
GitHub repo: https://github.com/AJIXuMuK/generator-vuespfx
Wiki: Wiki


Term Store and Ampersand (&) Issue

When working with Term Store take into consideration that SharePoint for some reason replaces ampersand character & (code 38) with ampersand character & (code 65286) in the label. The bad thing is that if you create a Term with the name with & you won't be able to change it back from symbol 65286 to symbol 38 as default label of the term can't be modified.
Simple way to play with it:

  1. Create new term "Wood & Fire"
  2. Copy the default label text
  3. Paste the value as string into browser console and run call charCodeAt(5): "Wood & Fire".charCodeAt(5)
  4. The result will be 65286 instead of 38
I tested the behavior on O365, SP 2016 and SP2013 - all the same.

Have fun!