Next week is my last week in Sharepointalist... It was great 7 full-time years and 3 more as an remote frelancer/consultant. I had the opportunity to meet great collegues, work with different sizes of projects and customers. Together we started and evolved multiple products: List Booster, Navigator 365, other products with our partners.

The company always supported me in self-development and community efforts. My initial steps were guieded by Sharepointalist; most of the community activities like speaking and contributions were done during business hours. Honestly, it's hard to find an employer who will help you in your self-development as much as Sharepointalist did for me. And it's hard to find an employer with such smart and responsive collegues as in Sharepointalist!

It was definitely the best experience so far! But it's time to turn things inside out :)

On August 16 I will retire my MVP award and join Microsoft. I will become a part of ODSP team, or more precisely - WEX team that is responsible for SPFx, 1st-party web parts and other cool stuff! I hope to bring my experience to make the platform better. But even more - I want to join a great team with great individuals that I know for few years. I'll definitely enjoy learning from them!

See you from the other side!