This year I'm proud to be selected as a speaker for Collab365 GlobalCon3 Microsoft 365 Virtual Conference.

It will be held on September 8-11 with Power Platform days on August 11 and 12.
The agenda is loaded with great content!
Speakers are mostly Microsoft employees and MVPs!

I will be presenting a session "SharePoint Framework Connected Web Parts".
The session guides how to connect SharePoint Framework web parts using dynamic Property Pane Properties as well as events model.
Knowledge from the session can help to develop such scenarios as search refiners or page anchors navigation.

You can register and get your FREE pass here.

You can also get an All-Access Pass that gives you lifetime access to all the recordings from the event as well as additional benefits:

  • 10 Ebooks from GlobalCon3
  • 10 Ebooks from GlobalCon1
  • 31 Session recordings from GlobalCon1
  • MS Teams and MS Excel Training Nuggets

Or you can purchase an Ultimate Bundle with tons of Ebooks and recordings from all the 5 summits held through the year!
These paid options also help host such events and develop our great community!

That's all for today!
Have fun!