UPDATE: the generator has been included into @pnp/spfx generator. Please use this one for the latest version.

In Using Vue.js in SharePoint Framework Applications. Part III: Yeoman Generator with Vue Support I announced that I've published a Yeoman generator for SharePoint Framework solutions with Vue.js support.
The initial version of the generator supported SPFx web parts only. There was no way to create SPFx extensions using the generator.
Today I happy to announce that Extensions support has been added to the generator!
Now you can select any of the available types of SPFx projects.
NPM package: generator-vuespfx
GitHub repo: https://github.com/AJIXuMuK/generator-vuespfx
Wiki: Wiki

How to use

To use it just install the package to your machine:

npm i -g generator-vuespfx
And then use it in the same way as @microsoft/generator-sharepoint:
yo vuespfx
This will:
  • create SPFx solution with selected type of SharePoint Framework component,
  • add all needed dependencies for Vue.js,
  • for Client-Side Web Parts and Field Customizers
    • create Vue.js Single File Component (SFC) with default markup
    • add SFC component to the web part's/field customizer's code

Please, leave your feedback and contribute to make the generator even better! =)

That's it!
Have fun!