Using Vue.js in SharePoint Framework Applications. Part II: Default SPFx web part using Vue.js

This is the second post about SharePoint Framework and Vue.js. In this post I'm going to implement basic Client-Side Web Part using Vue.js - basically, "wrap" the markup from Web Part template project with Vue.js component.
List of posts:
  1. Whats and Whys
  2. Default SPFx web part using Vue.js (this post)


Thank you SPS Chicago Suburbs!

Hey SPS Chicago Suburbs people!
Thank you so much to all of you!
Thanks to the organizers and the sponsors for making this great event. And for inviting me to speak!
Thanks to all attendees for coming instead of going outside (the weather is really great today)!
The slides of my presentation are available here
And the code is located here


How To: Easily Update Managed Metadata Field Value (... and others) via REST API/PnPJS

It's a short post that describes how to easily update Managed Metadata Field value using SharePoint REST API or PnPJS.


Using Vue.js in SharePoint Framework Applications. Part I: Whats and Whys

This is the first post of a series where I'm planning to describe how to use Vue.js in SharePoint Framework apps.
In this post I want to provide a small introduction to Vue.js as well as describe the next parts and what to expect.
List of posts:
  1. Whats and Whys (this post)
  2. Default SPFx web part using Vue.js


Thanks Office 365 Saturday Vancouver!

Today was a great day on Office 365 Saturday Vancouver!
Greatly organized, great sponsors, speakers and, of course, attendees!

The slides are available here
The code for Field Customizer demo is available here

Thanks for attending and have fun!


Logically Structure Localizable Strings in SharePoint Framework Solutions

In large projects there are a lot of texts that should be localized. And it might be a mess to manage them all if they are just plainly added in a single resources file.
That's why I want to discuss how we can logically structure resources (strings) in SPFx solutions.


How to change your name (Display Name) in Office 365 Suite Bar and Profile

Today I was trying to change my name displayed in Office 365 suite bar and when viewing the profile.
And as it often happens simple things lead to difficult solutions.