Thank you for attending SPTechCon San Francisco 2020!

It was a great week!
So much content to learn, great speakers, awesome conversations!
I'd like to thank Exposition Development Company for organizing the event and accepting my submissions for speaking!
Thanks to all the sponsors who helped to make this event possible!
Thanks to all the speakers for sharing knowledge!
And, of course, thank you to all the attendees of SPTechCon San Francisco 2020!
Here are the links to the slides of my sessions (you can also download them from official event app):


Office UI Fabric React Grouped DetailsList - Display Tree-like Hierarchy

This blog post describes how to implement tree-like hierarchy using Office UI Fabric React (OUIFR) Grouped DetailsList component.
We'll be working with a hierarchy similar to the one displayed on the image below:


Office UI Fabric React (OUIFR) DetailsList ignores (doesn't render) items for the group if it (the group) has subgroups. As a result for a tree-like hierarchy - some of the items could be lost.
Jump to solution.


NACS - One of the Best SharePoint Conferences in US

This year I'll be attending North American Collaboration Summit for the first time. And I'm really happy about that!
It's a great conference loaded with the best speakers and really interesting and helpful content!
There are workshops and sessions around SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, security and so on! Every attendee will find some information to be used in day-to-day job. And it doesn't matter if you are a power user, developer, admin or executive! There is content for everyone!
And, because it is a non-profit event, the tickets are much cheaper than on other multi-day conferences!
My sessions are part of a developer track and focused on advanced features of SharePoint Framework
The first one is "SharePoint Framework Connected Web Parts" where you can learn how to connect multiple SharePoint Framework web parts (or event extensions) using Dynamic Data capability.
The second session, "Developing React Templates Using SharePoint Framework Library Components" describes how to create rich React templates and dynamically include them into you SharePoint Framework projects using SPFx Library Component solution type.
Hope to see you in Branson, April 2-3, 2020.
You can also use code TERENTIEV during the registration to save $50.
Register here: https://nacs.ticketspice.com/nacs2020

Have fun!


SPTechCon San Francisco 2020!

I want to invite you to join me at SPTechCon San Francisco 2020 that will be held February 18-21 at Hyatt Regency SFO.
This will be a great event with phenomenal speakers and awesome content!
You'll definitely learn a lot and for sure it worth it!
Here is a small video that promotes the sessions I'll be presenting during the event:

I'll be happy to see you on any of the sessions!
And you can use registration code AlexT20 to save $200 on your ticket price (the image below is clickable).

Have fun!


Getting Related Team Information from Private Channel in SPFx MS Teams App

Just two weeks ago during MS Ignite Microsoft Teams team has announced Private channels - one of the most asked features.
So, a bit of technical details. Each private channel is a separate SharePoint site collection with a unique site template and no group assigned.
We can discuss a lot if it's good decision or not.
But in this post I want to focus on a specific problem I experienced while developing SPFx solution for MS Teams.


Hope to See You at SPTechCon Boston!

I'm thrilled to be selected as a speaker for SPTechCon Boston this year!
This is a great event with a lot of excellent speakers who really know what their topics!
I will present 2 sessions:

  • Develop Once, Use Twice - SharePoint Framework in Microsoft Teams - Tuesday, August 27, 1:15 PM, Constitution B
  • SharePoint Online Customization Toolset - Wednesday, August 28, 1:45 PM, Constitution B
I'll also take part in great Expert Panel How We Keep Up With Changes in Microsoft 365 Ecosystem on Tuesday, August 27 at 9:45 held by Matt Wade. Other participants are: 
So, please, join me on this event!
There is still time to register... And you can use code TerentievB19 to save $200!


Step by Step: Configure Bot to Work in Teams and with Microsoft Graph

This blog post is a step-by-step instruction on how to create a Bot from scratch using Microsoft Bot Framework v4, configure it to work with Microsoft Teams, and authenticate it to make Microsoft Graph requests.
There are a lot of resources around bots, authentication in bots and Microsoft Teams (and I'll list resources at the end of the post). But during my investigation I couldn't find an example or an article that walks through all 3 topics at the same time. And especially "from scratch" which is important if you want to understand the technology and the flow.
So this post is kind of a cheat sheet for myself, and hopefully for others.
All the steps described are for Bot Framework v4 and ASP.NET Core.
Code is available here.
Keep in mind that except of code there are different configurations to be done in Azure and MS Teams.
So, it might worth reading the post.